Sunday, 26 April 2015

2 posts in one day!!!! 

Hello again, I thought instead of just leaving my boring intro post, I would post some pictures because they are a whole lot more interesting than a paragraph of text!! 

I thought, to begin, I would show you guys some of my woodturning projects from the past few months : 

 Pictures from top to bottom :
 1. This was the first bowl I ever tried to turn and it took me around a weekend, I have to say, for a first try I was quite pleased with the result and I do really like the appearance of the grain. 

2. I had a go at creating a spinning top, arguably, this should be one of the first products a woodturner should try, but I seem to attempt the difficult things first.....
3. Again, this was a first for me, I tried a goblet but unfortunately it was rushed and gave be a fairly poor finish. Perhaps I'll attempt another in the future, but for now I'll stick to other projects. 

4. Lastly, is a bangle that I made, annoyingly, I seem to be quite unlucky with bangles as I haven't found the ideal thicknesses and widths and because of that they are quite fragile. Perhaps I'll relook at this sort of product in the future as I do have an idea of how to make it sturdier, but more on that another time. 

Of course, I have made more than 4 items on the lathe, but I thought I would give a small intro to my works. I might upload more pictures of things I've made and stick them in a gallery somewhere. 

But for now, thats it!!!! 

Thanks Guys, 
- Oli

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